I want to meet my employer’s requirements for leak detection on my project

Leak protection for contractors during construction

Escape of water during construction can cause extensive damage and delays to a project.  Increasingly, insurers and developers are insisting on leak protection during the build, and contractors look to comply with CIREG Best Practice Guidance [on] Managing Escape of Water Risk on Construction Sites.

Leaksafe have a range of products that not only protect the incoming mains but can protect each level as the building progresses so that a leak on one level doesn’t shut down water to the whole site.

Systems can be set to automatically shut off supply out of construction hours with password override when needed and limited volume flow can be set per level to minimize the risk of taps being left on and unattended.

Using the latest IoT technology site managers and security staff can be alerted immediately a leak is detected.

Leak detection as part of the building specification

Leaksafe work with property developers and investors, engineers, Main and M&E contractors to ensure that the leak detection system specified meets all the needs of the client.  We work with contractors to ensure that equipment is on site when needed and that the correct level of training is provided to the engineers that will be installing it.

The Leaksafe service can include:

  • Desk survey to provide equipment costs and indicative installation costs
  • On site and/or remote support during installation.
  • Unlimited remote after sales support

Leaksafe support services

Leaksafe provide unlimited remote support to contractors installing Leaksafe equipment and onsite support by arrangement. Call 0344 848 0488

Leaksafe work with a number of leading insurers, brokers and their clients to reduce the risk associated with water damage