6 zone leak detection, shut off & notification system


WaterHub is a 6 zone, internet of things (IoT) leak detection system with shut off and notification that has been designed for installation in blocks of apartments during construction or during major refurbishment of a property.  Cost of installation is optimised if incorporated into the construction programme.

Leak detection tape can be positioned in up to 6 risk zones e.g., utility cupboards with boiler & washing machine, kitchen sink & dishwasher and bathrooms & WCs, and is cabled back to the WaterHub control panel that is connected to a WRAS approved shut off valve on the incoming supply.  If any one of the tapes gets wet, a signal is generated that will shut the valve and at the same time generate a message giving the property name and exact location of the leak that is sent by either SMS and / or email to any number of designated responders.

Messages are not dependant on WiFi but instead use either Sigfox LPWAN or Vodafone NBIoT that provide a reliable and robust, low cost, low energy solution.

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Saving time & money during construction defects period

Leaksafe work with a number of leading insurers, brokers and their clients to reduce the risk associated with water damage