WaterComm Mini & WaterComm

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When you receive a leak notification, it will identify in which location in the property the leak has occurred. Locate the WaterComm device that has sent the alarm and check the relevant length of leak detection tape to determine where it is wet.

Once you have found the source of the leak, disconnect the leak detection tape by removing the plug from the bottom of the device.

Repair the leak and let the tape dry completely before re-connecting it to the Leaksafe device. If an alarm is raised immediately you plug the tape back in again then it is not yet dry. Disconnect and leave for a further period to dry then re-connect.

PLEASE REMEMBER to re-connect the tape as soon as possible once it is dry. The location where the tape was activated is not protected unless it is plugged into the Leaksafe WaterComm device.

Please note that the leak detection tape is deliberately sensitive and will activate with just a few drops of water.

If an alarm is raised and you don’t see a puddle of water in the location please consider whether an appliance e.g., a sink, washing machine or shower has been used within 30 minutes of the alarm being raised – it may be a very small drip leak or seepage that has caused the alarm.

Locate the device that has sent the alarm and check the length of leak detection tape that is connected to it to determine where it is wet and therefore which appliance or pipework has raised the alarm.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to finding your leak.

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