Retro Fit - Grade II listed Country Hall

Retro fit – Grade II listed Country Hall

Posted by Sarah Wakley — 7 September 2022

This is a beautifully converted Grade II listed property now housing 6 luxury apartments.  The owners requested leak detection to protect the apartments not only whilst they were in residence but for any periods when they or their neighbours were away from the property.


We recommended a WaterSwitch3 leak detection system with leak detection tape in all the areas where access was available to position tape and wireless transmitters, typically the kitchen and some of the bathrooms, and then a flow meter on each system that monitors both continuous flow (indicating a leak) and no flow (indicating that the apartment is empty) that will turn the water off in both instances.  This provides additional protection and safeguard for all the domestic supply pipework.

Leaksafe work with a number of leading insurers, brokers and their clients to reduce the risk associated with water damage