Living Wall in Corporate HQ Abingdon

Living Wall in Corporate HQ Abingdon

Posted by Sarah Wakley — 5 April 2022

This corporate client had two large living walls installed on the first floor, fed by supply tanks which had on occasion constantly filled as a result of component failure, and overflowed.  Leaksafe were asked to install a system that would shut off the incoming supply if the water reached a certain level in the tanks, and provide a leak detection system for the supply to the Head Offices as a whole.

We installed our WaterSwitch automatic shut off system with sensors on both living wall supply tanks so that if the water level rises above an agreed level then a valve installed on the cold water feed to the tank will shut off and an alarm is sent to the on-site maintenance team.

The supply to the rest of the offices and facilities is protected with an xFlow system that monitors the volume of water used over a period of time and will shut the valve on the incoming mains supply if the expected volume is exceeded.

Within two months of installation the xFlow system shut off the main incoming supply.  The problem was traced to a leak in an underground pipe between two buildings that would not have been picked up for some time if left to run unmonitored.

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